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Video is increasingly important for a good online presence. By example of TikTok, social media platforms like Facebook and Instangram nowadays strongly prefer short and attractive video's, also called reels. The Visual Magician has a Canon EOS R camera and a gimbal stabilizer. This allows high-quality promo videos to be recorded.
Together with the client, the magician looks at how the essential message can best be translated into a video. An appointment is made for recordings at the desired location. These recordings are then professionally edited and finished.
Every video is custom work. Depending on travel distance, duration of the video, complexity of recordings and editing, a price is discussed with the customer in advance. Request an intake via the form on my contact page and receive a quote without obligation.
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Photography and photoshop

Do you want to have photos taken for your website or for your social media feed? You can also contact Visual Magician for photo shoots and high-quality photo editing.
The magician likes to work outside with the camera. In the natural lighting of the outdoors, the foundation can be laid for various appropriate styles. If desired, the photos can of course also be taken indoors. Together with the client, we look at what fits best in order to clearly visualize the company's message.

Visual Magician also edits photos to the desired style. If you have taken your own photos, they can also be edited. Simply send the RAW files to

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Which software I use

As far as Visual Magician is concerned, good quality video and photo editing is only possible with the best software in the industry. That is why I always works with the most recent versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects for videography. For photo editing I use Photoshop and Lightroom. In addition, Visual Magician continues to deepen and develop possibilities with new, emerging software packages.